Women’s Beach Clothing

Shop Nikki Beach guests are world travelers who continuously dream of their next adventure. From wine tasting in Marbella to sunbathing and catamaran rides in Saint Barth — each new opportunity is a chance to make the memory of a lifetime. Something as simple as viewing photos from your trip makes every spectacular feeling come flooding back. The smell of the wine, the view from the boat — what you wore that day, and how you felt.

What you wear while on vacation is just as much a part of your journey as every other element of your trip. Shop Nikki Beach presents an experience and provides you with clothing to live each outing to its fullest. Our hand-curated selection of women’s beach clothing will add that extra something special to every moment of your unforgettable journey.

Stylish Beach Clothing Brands

Our team believes your unique vacation ensemble plays a large part in your adventures, and we take great pride in offering only the best and most current fashion pieces from global luxury brands. Our women’s beach clothing is hand-selected from top resort wear designers, such as Beach Riot, Lu Goldie, and Hemant & Nandita. Every piece is made from quality materials and fashioned with comfort and style in mind.

The beach clothing brands offered at Shop Nikki Beach are ideal for all of your adventurous resort and beach-filled activities. From seaside dinners in Monte Carlo to sailing in Miami Beach: we have the perfect collections to elevate your experience and make you look incredible.

Celebration Of Life

Our team places tremendous pride in our custom selection of resort wear clothing. We believe you should thrive in the surrounding excitement and beauty of the world, and look amazing while you do it. When you discover Shop Nikki Beach, you can trust the beach clothing brands you select are hand-curated with quality and style in mind.

Embrace all we have to offer but – Tell Only Your Best Friends!

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